Meet the DUI Committee

To contact the team find us on Facebook, Discord, or via Email

Ben Droste

Home City: Brisbane
Team: Mountain Men

Ben is president of the AJL and responsible for the art and promotional materials for the DUI. Ben is in charge of AJL twitter, flickr, YouTube content.

Steven Clarke

Home City: Canberra

Steven first played Jugger in 2010 and is keen to see the sport grow and mature in Australia while keeping its amateur roots.


Home City: Newcastle
Team: Imperial Blitz

Home City: Newcastle Team: Imperial Blitz Sarah aka Sazdawg is a long time Jugger junkie. As a Novocastrian she has been keen to help set up a DUI in her beautiful hometown and is excited to show off all "Newie" can offer.


Home City: Newcastle
Team: Imperial Blitz

Lord Michael John Sedunary better known as fezzic of the mighty Blitz is looking forward to helping run the DUI & to give back to the community he loves so much.


Home City: Canberra, no Brisbane, no wait Melbourne!
Team: Double Taps

Soul, a.k.a 'Soul,' has been an influential Jugger player in Australia for a number of years, involved in rule overhauls, coaching, refereeing, and general skullduggery.


Home City: Melbourne
Team: Double Taps

Wendy, a.k.a. "The Red Queen" is responsible for the DUI website, player registration, and event coordination. Wendy is Branding and Communications Manager of the AJL.